The Green Bag Lunch Program: Destined For The Masses?

I must admit that I’m not entirely sold on the whole idea behind the Green Bag Lunch program, but the idea does sound interesting... Essentially, for $5 you and your child head over to their website, and pick through the menu to choose tomorrow’s lunch. It’s all healthy, organic stuff, and packed in an eco-friendly bag. Then, they ensure it’s delivered to your child’s’ school tomorrow.

The meal itself features a main course, two sides of fresh fruit or vegetables plus a dessert. And the bag’s made from only recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable materials which are, in fact, a better choice for the planet. But who’s going to consistently pay the $5 for their kids’ lunch at school? Granted, the program is growing, and the lunch itself is delivered to the school so you don’t have to worry about making or picking it up, but even organizers of the program admit they’d very much like to get the price down towards three bucks a clip.
At that price, I can probably see it really catching on… Maybe even a bit less. But if nothing less, perhaps the whole idea of a Green Bag Lunch will inspire parents to work a bit on their end to see that the lunch their children already take to school is a healthy one. Let’s face it; the ever-increasing size of our collective waistlines and the health of the planet increasingly make the case an obvious one.

via:: Chicago Tribune