The Green Apprentice: An Organic Gardener for Prince Charles

Arguably, his hair is better. He's definitely more reserved, and is in possession of a voice more mellifluous. Prince Charles is looking for a gardener, and he's going to find his apprentice on TV, Donald-style. Who would have thought that the monarchy would engage in reality TV (save for publicist-engineered post-divorce interviews and canned documentaries)? "Young people and those from deprived backgrounds" will compete to win a year's training with the Castle of Mey's head gardener, a place pruned for Charles to enjoy for a few days each summer. I clearly don't have a grasp of the English TV-viewing public, because when I try to translate the show in U.S. terms for an organic gardner to President Bush, or, say, George Clooney, I don't think ratings bonanza... Instead of the board room, perhaps they'll meet in the Duchy Originals Art in the Garden Gazebo? Please tell me below how you think he will he send them away? One guess: "I'm dreadfully sorry to have to bear news that, like a slowly bioaccumulating herbicide, is apt to prove ultimately disheartening..." :: The Telegraph