The Great Yellow Woods Challenge

Ever taken the time to race around your entire neighborhood, grab all the old copies of Yellow Pages when the new one rolls around, and then re-use the outdated copies to make giant sculptures out of them before recycling? Well, if you haven’t then check out what Yellow Pages and the Woodland Trust have teamed up to do in England. Essentially, kids are engaged in a fun, educational recycling program through their schools where they compete against other schools in their local area for cash prizes based on the most books collected and finest sculptures created.

The whole Yellow Woods Challenge was launched in 2002, and has doubled in size since its inception. This year they expect that up to 100 local authorities, 2,000 schools and 450,000 students will take part in the program to keep waste out of landfills, educate kids about recycling, and raise funds for the Woodland Trust, which is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. For every pound schools win in prizes, another pound will be donated by Yellow Pages to the Woodland Trust to help further its ongoing Tree For Allprogram which works to enable schoolchildren to plant 12 million native trees in the UK by 2009... An ambitious goal indeed!