The Great Canadian Carbon Offset

canadian offset.jpg

Marc Tacchi games the Air Canada points system by purchasing a $ 7,000 fly-anywhere-for a month ticket and never getting off the plane, travelling well over a million miles and collecting air miles good for $ 70,000 worth of flying. He calls it the Great Canadian Mileage Run and gained fame and notoriety, but at what cost to the environment? One Hundred and Forty metric tons of Carbon Dioxide. Well, Treehuggers like fame and notoriety too, and Steven Luscher has set up the Great Canadian Carbon Offset, has calculated the cost of the offset at US$1,850 and has started a fundraising campaign to raise this from the public "to raise the profile of carbon-offset programs for air travelers, and to shine a light on patterns of excessive consumption. We want to see every airline offer a carbon-offset option when you buy your ticket, and we want to show travelers just how minimal the cost of offsetting their ecological impact is" We've thrown in our ten bucks. ::The Great Canadian Carbon Offset