The Good, the Bad and Takin' Green Extreme


Good magazine is just that: damn good. Full of delicious cultural tidbits and facts, the premiere Sep/Oct issue offers a plethora of green tips and resources to satiate any TreeHugger's appetite. My favorite article is by Ben Jervey, a fellow New York City resident who conducted an "experiment in extreme urban environmentalism" by dedicating a month to reducing his ecological footprint. He makes a point to live his indulgent city life, but to do so with minimal impact. He relies on local food, his bike, CFLs, and local beer from the Brooklyn Brewery, which, while not organic, shuttles around its bottles and kegs in a fleet of biodiesel trucks. A more mindful approach to recycling also helps him reduce 4-weeks worth of garbage to the size of a toolbox (the average American fills an oil drum in the same amount of time). It's often discouraging living in a city of extremes where mysterious black soot collects on your windowsill and gas-guzzling cabs are ubiquitous. But knowing that it's possible to take green just as extreme without deprivation restores hope that the good can almost always balance out, if not outweigh, the bad. ::Good Magazine

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