The Good Fight Hosted by Simran Sethi Launches on Sundance Channel


Our dear colleague Simran Sethi has a new joint over at Sundance Channel: THE GOOD FIGHT, a web series that looks at the places where environmentalism is a necessity, not a luxury. THE GOOD FIGHT will take you from Greensburg, KS—a community that lost nearly everything in a tornado and is now "going green" as a way to revitalize the economy, save money, and create a legacy for their children—to The Dream Reborn conference in Memphis, TN, celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and restorative environmental solutions that promote equity, health, and employment. You'll meet environmental visionaries like Cameron Sinclair, the founder of Architecture for Humanity, a non-profit that brings professional architects and designers to communities that have suffered humanitarian crises — and Brahm Ahmadi, the executive director of People's Grocery, an organization based in West Oakland, California with a mission to bring healthy, affordable food to a community that has over 50 liquor stores but not one grocery.

I created this series, with the help of many inspiring people, because I am impatient and hopeful. Impatient that we have to get beyond changing light bulbs and carrying reusable bags to effect systemic change. Hopeful, because I know we can get there. Please don't get me wrong—making small, meaningful changes in your own life is very important. But we can't shop our way to sustainability. We have to look at the root causes of climate change, pollution, and other problems and figure out how to work together to solve them. I see it happening everywhere — and you will, too...

Today, most of our pollution, waste, and environmental toxins end up in low-income communities and communities of color. These blog posts, audio podcasts, and videos will shed light on the activists and grassroots organizations that are working to transform this challenge—increasing access to housing, food, and water; supporting indigenous communities; building a green collar economy; and, with optimism and creativity, striving vigorously and resolutely for environmental justice for all.

...Environmental rights are civil rights, and climate change has no boundaries. What brings us together is stronger than what keeps us apart....

In solidarity and with thanks, Simran


WATCH>> The Good Fight with Simran Sethi Episode 01: The Greening of Greensburg 30 second Video