The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Westmount Elementary in Alberta, Canada!

The days of the week have taken on entirely new meanings at our Go Green Initiative School of the Week, Westmount Elementary School in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada.

Plain old Tuesdays became Trash-Free Tuesdays and mundane Wednesdays are dubbed Walk or Wheel Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to rinse and recycle milk cartons with the creative Squish and Swish campaign.
"I just figured the names were catchy," fifth-grade teacher Lianne Jones said. "If we could get people to be more environmentally aware on a daily basis, it may encourage them to extend these activities, such as walking to school and eating a trash-free lunch, to other days as well."
Jones is in charge of Westmount's fifth-grade Green Team and this year's new sixth-grade Green Giants, whose members act as mentors to the younger go-green students.

Westmounts "Light Eliminators"
A team of Light Eliminators trolls school hallways during recesses and lunch to flip off lights that are not in use. If only a few students are in a room, the student electric officers will leave on only a few lights. Prizes are given to the best light conservationists.

"Principal Dan Ferguson won the most-improved award for turning off lights when not in his office," Jones said.

The school's green teams are responsible for campus recycling, including campus trash pick-up days when weather permits.

And recycling now means more than picking up trash and sorting it as students and staff recently organized a used book and video store, selling more than 1,500 items to raise money for the school.

The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week Raises Big Cash With Green Christmas Idea
Impressively, a Christmas Marketplace was held last winter to peddle gently used Christmas ornaments and various knick knacks donated by students. The wildly successful sale raised an incredible $3,553, which was donated to a group that helps children around the world gain access to clean water.

And just in case kids at school are wondering how all their efforts are adding up, the Green Team Report in the school's newsletter keeps the entire student body updated on green projects and promotes the idea that "it is easy being green," Jones said.

There's no doubt that this school is quite a group of active green students and staff, so congratulations to all of them from those of us here at TreeHugger!

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