The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Groton Central School in Groton, NY!

When you hear that our Go Green Initiative School of the Week is located in Groton, NY and has a terrific lunch scrap recycling program called Rot-N-Groton, you know they’ve got both a sense of humor and a knack for getting students involved in cool ways recycling and putting together a greener campus.

Of course, their Goin’ Green T-shirt initiative also has students raving about the worth of a dollar and the benefits of recycling.
Turns out they ask kids to donate gently used T-shirts and other items like school bags which are then displayed in the school showcase so kids can come donate a buck or two and pick up an item that just may otherwise have found its way into the local landfill.

Begun by a teacher who loves finding bargains in thrift shops, it seems like a great way to raise a couple of bucks for the school while recycling and educating students at the same time.

So congrats to everyone in Groton who is making a difference, and congratulations from all of us here at TreeHugger on being this week’s Go Green Initiative School of the Week!

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