The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Fox Middle School in Arnold, Missouri!

As students at Fox Middle School are taking the world by storm with the school's ongoing program dubbed "Storming the World with Character," they’re working hard to show their friends and neighbors how environmentally savvy they can be. And some of their teachers have come up with a very cool, creative idea to teach kids about the merits of reusable containers and make a lasting impression on the subject.The simple demonstration began by handing every kid a balloon and asking them to pretend it’s a miniature Earth before asking them if they were busy using and tossing away water bottles rather than opting for the reusable kind.

For every hand that went up the kids were asked to blow just one puff into their miniature Earths, and not surprisingly they soon began popping all over the room.

Of course, the kids quite quickly grasped the connection between an exploding balloon and the many challenges we face, vowing to make better choices when it comes to water in the future.
As teacher and Go Green adviser Kristen Juelfs put it, "They’re starting to be more aware," and are learning their actions "affect their lives, and they need to take good care of the Earth."

So congrats to our first Go Green Initiative School of the Week for the 2008-2009 school year, as we’re looking forward to hearing more about the tremendous things Go Green schools are doing!

Via: Go Green Initiative
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