The Go Green Initiative!


Well folks, over five years ago at her kitchen table PTA supermom Jill Buck founded the Go Green Initiative, and PTA's, schools, school districts and even cities around the world today are getting involved. So far they've got members operating in 35 U.S. states and 12 provinces outside the U.S. They even have schools in Europe, Mexico, and Africa who've joined the program! Essentially, the Go Green Initiative is a global network that makes it a lot easier for these groups to go green in their corner of the universe. It's that simple. Once you register your school you've got access to their network of resources and schools who are already involved with the program. Specifically, the Go Green Initiative (GGI) is designed to take some of the burden off of teachers by involving parent volunteers to assist them in the planning, scheduling and execution of environmental education on campus. That way parents absorb some of the duties that would hamper teachers' ability to spend their time and energy focusing on creative ways to align the environment with the core curriculum they already teach, and students can take part in great localized environmental programs. Some of the ways they suggest parents can get involved is by doing things like writing grants; scheduling educational assemblies; bringing in technical experts for staff training; raising funds for after-school ecology clubs; finding corporate sponsors for classroom equipment that facilitates recycling, etc... Obviously gaining momentum over the last five years, it looks to me like the Go Green Initiative is a great way to lend a hand and make a difference.