The Glasshouse Brings Entrepreneurs + Investors Together in The Perfect Storm


At The Glasshouse's first 'taster' event, on the power of Green Marketing, Londoners proved that they have a big appetite for sustainable business. The success of this event has encouraged these networkers par excellence to continue the Green Shoots series with a second gathering and they have invited TreeHugger along as a media sponsor. Under the auspicious shelter of the Royal Institute of British Architecture the city's valiant green entrepreneurs and interested investors will come together next Tuesday, April 8th, to hear a discussion between Solarcentury's Jeremy Leggett and The Guardian's Ashley Seager. Under the title of The Perfect Storm these two should spark a good debate about the possibilities of a sustainable economy."Jeremy Leggett has recently been described by the Observer as 'the UK’s most respected green energy boss.' His company Solarcentury is the UK's largest solar energy business and he is also the founder of SolarAid and founding director of the world's first private equity fund for renewable energy, Bank Sarasin's New Energies Invest AG (2000-present) in which Solarcentury have a stake."

"Ashley Seager is The Guardian's Economics Correspondent with a special interest in the economics of, and policy response to, climate change. He has written extensively on renewable energy and has pursued the Labour government constantly for its poor response to the need to reduce carbon emissions and boost renewable energy; exposing how the Low Carbon Buildings Programme was failing and the impact of grant cutbacks renewable energy."

To find out how you can contribute your valuable entrepreneurial ideas or investing power to this event visit The Glasshouse website.

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