The FUEL Film: Where We Came From & Where We're Going With Renewable Energy (Review)

At tonight's IREO Renewable Energy Awards at the United Nations, film director and author Josh Tickell will be named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and accept an award for his work. What work you say? Well, the trailer embedded above for his film FUEL for one thing. It won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 and is currently making its rounds in theaters (show times). This is the story in a nutshell:If you want a compelling synopsis of how we got into the mess we're in with our fossil fuel addiction (and a very personal one, Tickell grew up in Louisiana and saw first had petrochemical pollution all the time) and how we just might be able to kick the fossil fuel habit, then FUEL should be high up on your list of must-see films.

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The Bush administration's actions pulling the nation into Iraq in the (seldom spoken) name of energy security; the early gung-ho enthusiasm for biofuels (Tickell was an early proponent of vegetable oil biodiesel and you see some of his quest in that area) and the subsequent realization that not all biofuels are exactly environmentally or socially good; and how a balanced and diversified package of renewable energy is the way forward for both the economy and the environment are all covered in a detailed, yet accessible fashion.

Some of this may be review from avid TreeHugger readers, but a refresher course is never a bad thing. And for those of you who have friends and family who are either uninformed when it comes to renewable energy or don't think we have a problem, then make sure you take them to see FUEL.

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