The Fourth Plinth Goes Live in London

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It's plinth madness in London, starting this week. That's plinth as in the fourth, empty column in Trafalgar Square that has been statue-less since 1841. Artist Anthony Gormley won the competition to put something on it and his "something" is a person, one per hour, for the next 100 days.

So who has been up there and what have they done? This cyclist is making an environmental statement during his hour. Another dressed as a toilet in support of sanitation and WaterAid. Others have promoted their favourite charities; diabetes, Childline, and causes: Morris dancing, female genital mutilation.

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Image from the Guardian

One woman released balloons, another danced for her hour, another sketched, another prepared tea ( he had the 5 p.m. tea time slot). It is a celebration of the eccentricity and the diversity of British people.


Image from the Guardian

The Guardian is doing a daily list of who's who on the plinth and what each one's plans are for their hour. There is a 24 video stream so that anyone can watch the antics on t.v. or their computer.

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For the crowds watching, it is like t.v. except that it is live and unpredictable. For the performers there are 2,400 different reasons why they are up there, as many as there are plinthers.

But is it art? Already the critics are starting to wonder... From the Telegraph: "As a concept, inviting the audience to make the artwork is terribly inclusive and politically correct, but it ignores a brutal truth: some people are simply more interesting than others. Many of us might like to be artists for the day; but, sadly, few of us can be." : One & Other

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