The First Green Drinks In The Middle East To Say "L'Haim" In Tel Aviv

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The running joke among some of my friends is that we’ll need to bring hummus (organic hummus?) to the first Green Drinks meeting in Tel Aviv, happening on December 15th from 8-10pm at Gilda. Israelis, God forbid, can’t be expected to go to a meeting without food.

While environment groups abound in the White City, painting their green ideals in every which way –– and starting new political parties –– some reps from the groups say they will be more than happy to be able to drink a beer and talk green shop. And this TreeHugger is one of the organizers of the new Green Drinks TLV. (TreeHugger Jacob told me to.)Green Drinks is an international phenomenon with chapters in hundreds of cities around the world. See TreeHugger posts from Nashville, Melbourne and Tokyo. Meeting once a month or so, members from all walks of the environment world (hard-core activists all the way to tie-wearing politicians) gather on an even playing field (at the pub) for a pint, or two or three...

I’m not worried about scraping someone off the floor: Tel Avivians are not known for heavy drinking, but the city does know how to party. Thanks to Green Drinks, we’ll have a few more environment partiers out on a weekday. For more information about volunteering to help (I’m looking for someone who can update our website with event pics, networking contacts and news), please visit our Facebook group. Hopefully next time around we'll be at the micro-brewery, the Dancing Camel.

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