The Electric Chainsaw Massacre: Pleatherface on the Rampage

pleatherface electric chainsaw massacre photo

Image credit: Funny or Die

TreeHugger has covered hand-powered chainsaws before, and even chainsaws lubricated with mushroom spores, but we've never done much on electric chainsaws. I'm thinking we should get something up soon though, before Pleatherface dons his cruelty-free mask and pays us a visit. Although if this serial killer's competence is anything to go by, maybe we don't have anything to worry about. The folks at Funny or Die are at it again with their spoof of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In it the hapless Pleatherface runs into a spot of (perhaps slightly predictable) trouble as a result of his quest for alternative sources of fuel. It's worth wading through the overly long opening sequence—it's pretty funny in the end.

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