The EcoSurfStore Opens for Business


Sometime ago Erin pointed you to the EcoSurf Project, who were promoting earth friendly surf waxes. Well, now they have gone the whole hog and opened their own online store. At the moment the variety of eco stock on the warehouse shelves is a bit sparse, but they are hoping to get more goodies happening soon. At this time they have board waxes, wax removers, sun creams, hemp soaps, lip balms, wallets, belts, caps, and Ts from ZooZoo2. In the near future the plan is to add OceanGreen EcoFoil balsa/hemp surfboards, the ones we had here just the other day. Sales through the store raise funds to support the work of the EcoSurf Project, whose aims you can see after the fold. ::The EcoSurfStore.All of the profits made from sale of the products in this shop are used to help the EcoSurf Project achieve its three major aims, which are detailed below.
• To raise awareness amongst surfers of the impact that they have on the environment through the products they use, the trips they take and the lifestyle decisions they make.
• To help develop, promote, and encourage the production of eco-friendly alternatives to the currently available surf products (such as boards and clothing).
• To provide information, support and publicity to companies in the industry who are looking to move towards a more sustainable way of doing business.