The Ecologist to Ditch Print Edition

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Seminal Environmental Magazine to Go Online Only
Growing up environmentally conscious in the UK, it was almost impossible not to be aware of Zac Goldsmith's Ecologist magazine. Launched in 1970, the magazine not only covered some of the most important environmental topics that the mainstream press would ignore, but it also managed to stear refreshingly clear of the usual party political lines seen in the green movement (as Warren noted before, Goldsmith himself leans well to the right). So there's a certain nostalgic part of me that is sad to hear that the last issue will go to print on June 19th, though as the Guardian tells us - this isn't the end. The Ecologist is going online only, and in so doing it aims to extend its reach and cut its carbon footprint. Way to go Zac! Click below the fold to find out the reasoning behind the decision.
Goldsmith, the magazine's director and former editor, said the expanded website,, would enable it to "react faster to what is now a global and daily debate on how best to preserve the world in which we all live".

He added: "Relaunching The Ecologist online is in keeping with both the magazine's own credentials and with the zeitgeist of the digital age. It is an exciting development which will also enable our readers to have a constant place at the ecological forum."

Of course nothing is ever simple. It's worth noting that there is some debate about the relative environmental impact of online versus print publications, but maybe that would make a good topic for an article.

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