The Eco-Efficient Major Event Manual


The Eco-Efficient Major Event Manual was launched, with some fanfare, in the middle of 2006. And the premise is very admirable. It is said to help organisers understand the environmental impacts that major events create. It advises how to implement eco criteria to minimise the environmental loads, serving as a guidebook during the bidding, planning and organising phases. The information it contains is based on based on the experience and data from the 10th International Athletics Associations Federation (IAAF) World Championships in Athletics, Helsinki 2005. Our problem is that all we can find are long winded media releases about the manual, but no indication of where an interested party might actually get their hands on a copy. Which is a hassle, because such events can indeed have a significant impact (the CO2 emissions from just that one Helsinki event were equal to 17% of that city’s annual traffic emissions.) So until we unearth where the manual is hiding, we suggest checking out the EcoMass site, or alternatively the Greenpeace report, How Green The Games?, on the Sydney 2000 Olympics. (Disclaimer: this TH writer was an author of the latter report.) Via ::Global Forum for Sports and Environment.

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