The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming

With kids across America heading back to school, The Down-to-Earth Guide To Global Warming is hot off the presses and ready to roll into classrooms and school libraries everywhere. But how do you take a relatively difficult subject area and make it so kids can understand it without being overwhelmed? Easy Just make it fun, factual, irreverent, and even a bit entertaining to read. Then pack it with boatloads of great photos and diagrams, ideas on how kids can actually get involved in the fight, and even a few inspiring examples of people who've already taken steps to make a difference

Of course you may encounter a student or two who's been reading the likes of "The Sky's Not Falling!" to ease their way into sleepy wonderland, but I doubt there will be many. Most kids I've met are very much aware of the problem and really would prefer to stop talking about it and actually do something.

How about having them create Shoes of Hope once they've gone home and done some of the simple things like changed their lightbulbs?