The DoGooder Promotes Social Responsibility in the Midst of Deep Education Cuts

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It's unfortunate that often times in the midst of economic turmoil we leave our green ideals behind. Environmental responsibility is falsely aligned with waste when in fact, the opposite is true. A new Web site, seeks to promote social responsibility even in the midst of deep budget cuts to our nation's school system. The site provides "DoGooder Deals" on products and services from companies that are either local, eco-friendly, humanitarian or proven socially responsible. Can we really promote social responsibility when we need it the most? In order to receive "DoGooder Deals" or online discounts that resemble the Groupon idea, members must provide a profile and choose a school that they will be supporting through the program. Every time that you purchase one of the provided deals, a portion of the profits support your school. It's a thoughtful idea that provides a constant stream of donations.

Since its launch in May, the site has already created partnerships with nearly 100 schools. Businesses can sign up for business partnerships with the and have their products and services be featured on the site. Your business must be an eco-friendly company, a local business, humanitarian company, or a proven socially responsible corporation in order to apply for a partnership.

The site also provides lesson plans for teachers from all grade levels that want to support environmental awareness. There's even a DoGooder Book Club where students can choose books that encourage social responsibility and DoGooder podcasts, which are conversations with thought leaders in the sustainability arena. Cheers to thinking outside of the box in a nation struggling to get back on its feet.

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