The Doggy Dung Disaster: Book Review

I have to admit I found this book hard to read. Much of the time I just couldn't make sense of the words on the page. Mostly because my eyes were filled with tears. Okay, okay, so I'm a soft touch for David & Goliath stories, of people overcoming great odds, especially when the result of their efforts is to benefit others. Which is one of reoccurring themes of this book. The Doggy Dung Disaster & Other True Stories is subtitled 'Regular kids doing Heroic things around the world.' If you've heard the story of six year old Ryan Hreljac and his mission to provide safe drinking water for villagers in Uganda (which we covered here), try multiplying that inspiration by 29 other equally passionate kids and you have some sense of the power of this slim little book. Kids from Canada to Columbia, Ethiopia to Vietnam are profiled by Garth Sundem, writing in a style that's easily accessible to the target audience — kids eager for amazing stories of their peers in action. There is a whole chapter on incredible environmental endeavours undertaken by kids mostly still at skool. A biodegradable dog poop scooper (12 y.o. Japan), rainforest protector (8 y.o. Mexico), marsh turtle saviour (3rd grader, USA), plastic shopping bag nemesis (10 y.o. India), water use campaigner (18 y.o. Australia) and eco-cartoonist (12 y.o. Japan). For just $9.95 USD, Doggy Dung is like opening a treasure chest, rich with hope, heavily laden with motivating stories. As legless, Olympic gold medalist, Rudy Garcia-Tolson, at the tender, yet wise age of 15, knows: "a brave heart is a powerful weapon." And what kid doesn't want such a heart? Inspire them with this book.Not only do the publishers of The Doggy Dung Disaster produce this and many other books to inspire youth, they are also a member of the Green Press Initiative and when possible, we print their books on recycled paper, containing a minimum of 30% post consumer waste. ::Free Spirit Publishers.

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