The Dirt on Sarah Brown's Vegetable Garden

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It's election time in the UK so the Observer has a lovely article by the Prime Minister's wife, Sarah Brown, about her organic vegetable garden at Number 10 Downing Street. Last year they planted the vegetable patch, right after Michelle Obama got hers.

Call it the War of the Wives, Sarah is first off the bat, talking about her very sincere interest in promoting healthy food, sustainable gardening, Fairtrade and saving the bees.

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Image from Mail online

While we know everything about the Obama garden, in Britain they are more reserved, so almost no information and few photo's were made public; all we get is Sarah holding some greens. It appears that the children have a small vegetable patch and grow bags full of strawberries, peppers, sweetcorn and parsley. They used peat-free compost in them.

The larger garden, which is looked after by the Royal Parks gardeners, provided food for the staff cafe over the past year. They have just planted garlic, shallots, onions, leeks and lettuce in it.

The Brown's have installed two bamboo bee boxes and a bumble bee house for bees to hibernate in over the winter. They have also created a border with plants that attract bees such as lavender, sweet peas, geraniums and golden thyme. Mrs. Brown has become a big supporter of the group Help Save Bees as a result of her interest in the issue of the declining bees.

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According to the Observer, they have also installed a wormery, with a large one outside and smaller one in the kitchen. The watering of the garden is being done using harvested rain water. There is a big tank that has been buried under the lawn.

Some other interesting tidbits... Gordon Brown could only cook eggs 4 different ways when they were courting and once used a duvet cover as a tablecloth. He also eats a lot of Fairtrade bananas. The staff cafe is serving only sustainable fish and last year she hosted a screening of The End of the Line, documentary film about the devastating impact of overfishing in the world's oceans. All the coffee, tea and biscuits served at 10 Downing Street are Fairtrade.

To end off the orgy of British patriotism, she includes three recipes, including one really good sounding one for Ginger Oat Rhubarb Crumble. A country waits with anticipation to see what Mrs. Cameron, the Leader of the Opposition's wife, has in her garden.

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Image from the Times

Coincidentally (?), look who turned up, the very next day, giving a speech in his back garden: the Leader of the Opposition himself. Odd or not?

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