The Deal - Peak Oil Fiction

thedeal-movie-01.jpgFollowing in the footsteps of The Day After Tomorrow but with less special effects – and possibly less stretching of scientific theories to accommodate Hollywood standards – comes The Deal. It has: People wearing ties, a love story and a central "what if?" plot about a $6 price for a gallon of gas and the consequences of that. You can see the trailer and read questions that the filmmaker wants to raise on the film's website, and you can read more about the movie here, here and here.Consider that it is an independent movie with a limited release in a few select cities and that a wider release depends on how well the movie does at the beginning. So please, if you are in one of the cities listed on the website, consider giving it a chance and maybe you'll help the rest of us see it in our cities.

::The Deal, via ::The Oil Drum & ::WorldChanging


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