The Daily Show Takes On the Gulf Oil Spill (Video)


Ah, laughter. 'Tis the best medicine -- aside from whatever it is that might cure a million-plus-gallon oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, of course. But after weeks of disturbing news reports describing imperiled wildlife, threatened livelihoods, and a presumed tragic loss of life, it's nice to let out some of that apprehension with a good ol' cathartic Daily Show take on the topic -- Stewart and co. devoted the entire opening bit of last night's show to the oil catastrophe:

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Ah, yes -- Stewart hits on the most ludicrous aspects of the oil spill and the media's coverage of it, from some conservatives ridiculous attempts to name the situation 'Obama's Katrina', the sillier parts of media coverage, BP's absurd PR blitz, and, of course, the inevitable reel of politicians and talking heads saying how safe offshore drilling is, and how little a concern it should be -- and how those 'environmentalists are wrong.

Nice try, Mary Landrieu (D-LA). Of course, so was Obama -- any closer to ushering in that wakeup call for clean energy, and abandoning the scheme for offshore drilling expansion?

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