The Cove Documentary Set To Become A TV Series on Animal Planet

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The Cove has made a tremendous impact on people when it comes to raising awareness about the slaughter of dolphins and the dark story of whale meat in the fish market. It has changed lives, riled people up, won its Oscar, and now it just might turn into a new TV Series on Animal Planet starting this fall. The LA Times reports that the series has gotten the green light from Animal Planet, which was the home for the documentary's television debut, and is tentatively titled "Dolphin Warriors."

The series will continue the story detailed in The Cove, as activist Ric O'Barry works to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji. O'Barry's son, Lincoln, is executive producer, and two episodes are already in the can waiting for a premiere date to be announced.

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"The show will address questions that fans of the film may have wondered about -- such as whether the slaughter continues and whether the Japanese still unknowingly eat mercury-laden dolphin meat. 'What has happened now is that they're not killing dolphins in the cove; they've moved offshore,' O'Barry said. 'They've created an artificial cove out of nets, and they drive the dolphins in there and kill them so we can't photograph it. But we have some drones and small planes and things to prove it.'"

Animal Planet thinks the series could be gold for the channel. Not surprising considering it is also the home of Whale Wars. We'll keep you updated as we find out more about the series' status and start date.

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