The Cottage Bucket

ecoethic bucket.jpg
Its that time of year when those of us living in the North open our cottages, cabins and camps (the name varies where you live but the meaning is the same)and while the weather report actually predicts hail while we write this, we are packing our things to head up north.

Those of us with places by the water have particular concern about what gets into the lake- everything percolates through the soil eventually.

Thus we were excited to find that the crazy kids at Ecoethic have put it all together- into a bucket, actually. All of the basic needs, (dishwashing, boat washing, personal washing and others) in one place, in one bucket. All made under fair trade conditions with no phosphates, no chlorine, no dyes, no ingredients that are environmentally threatening.

It shouldn't be hard work to make the right environmental choices. Treehugger brownie points to Ecoethic for putting it all together. ::ecoethic by [LA]