The Climate Change Backpack

Is that ice cream melting in your backpack, or just more evidence of global warming? Well, it may not be so simple, but the Climate Change Backpack is a teaching tool being offered by the Northeast Science Center Collaborative with the aim of making it easy for teachers on the go to educate kids about climate change anywhere it suits their needs... The backpack contains things like historical graphs, lab experiments, a play about climate change that kids can put on in school, an imitation ice core, and a compact fluorescent light bulb, just to name a few. And in keeping with the idea of making it easy to teach kids about global warming, its lessons are designed to expand or contract according to the audience and available teaching time. So far it's not just teachers across the Northeast that are using this tool either, because it's also in use in over 120 National Parks in the United States. And with global warming destined to be the defining issue of our kids lifetimes, I think this may be a tool that few schools should do without.