The Citizen's Band: Get on Their Mailing List


Photo by Celene Ruben-Salama

At last week's EDUN show, we were introduced to the Citizen's Band. The performance art collective deals with social issues through cabaret, employing original numbers and innovative interpretations. A sampling of their Chewing Up the Scenery meant beautifully staged song, dance and trapeze centered around an oil-fueled economy and global warming. We laughed, we cried, we wanted more. Believe it or not, the ditty, "Gasoline, gasoline, a cry that echoes through your dreams," stays in your head. Especially poignant was a rendition of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"; the last song I ever expected to produce a lump in my throat did, when a mournful, darkly-dressed cast transcended any sort of 60's context, filling the house with mellifluous sorrow, and longing for a different version of this world. We advise you to find out about future performances and lobby for ones near you. ::The Citizen's Band

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