The (Bio) DaVersity Code from Free Range Studios


Who killed the polar bear? It is up to Sophie Minnow and Robert Penguin to solve in the Daveristy Code. It turns out that the decline of biodiversity is killing us all. Climate change, overdevelopment, human beings are conspiring to destroy the priory and web of life. More over the top brilliance from the people who brought us the Meatrix , mouths of the world and my favourite, store wars. Watch at ::Daversity Code

Also check out the "take action" section from Harvard Medical School, which makes the important links between biodiversity and our daily lives. "The choices we make in three main areas of our lives—the food we eat, the way we live in our homes, and how we transport ourselves– have greatest potential to cause environmental damage and threaten biodiversity. Making better choices in these areas could improve the environment and slow the loss of biodiversity." ::more

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