The Bill: Hard-Hitting German Eco-Humor (Video)


Image credit: Germanwatch

So The Age of Stupid was loved by some, hated by others, and I personally think that the less is said about The Day After Tomorrow, the better. But there is no doubt that art, and in particular film, can have a profound effect on how we face our impending ecological challenges. From An Inconvenient Truth to Escape from Suburbia, we've already seen movies that are opening eyes and changing minds. Now we can add Die Rechnung ("The Bill") to that list - a short film that puts pay to the (always annoying) assertion by some English speakers that the Germans don't have a sense of humor.
The movie was part of the Germanwatch screenplay competition about climate justice. Set in a bar somewhere in Germany, it features three friends discussing the relative merits of vacationing abroad, organic meats from Argentina, and a whole host of other lifestyle choices. The discussion is entertaining enough, until the check comes.

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