The Big Ask

This is the month for celebrities to show their stuff in support of climate change. Many are advocating political action to pressure governments to act. First we had Live Earth and now it's the Big Ask, an on-line petition. Started by Friends of the Earth, the campaign hopes to force the government to cut CO2 emissions by three per cent each year. A recent survey revealed that over two thirds of people in the UK want the Government to introduce a new law requiring carbon dioxide emissions to be cut annually.

Celebrities attaching their name and You-Tube clip to the cause include Jude Law, James Blunt and Gillian Anderson. So far 171,432 people have participated by using their camera or mobile phone to record a short video clip of themselves asking their MP to support the campaign. When they join the march, their MP will automatically receive a link to the recording. All of them can be viewed at the good looking website. :: The Big Ask Via :: the london paper

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