The Best New Year's Resolution: A Starter Kit For Change


The Starter Kit for Change must be the prettiest way we've seen to get people on that 'green' path and surely it's the loveliest way to give that person you love a little nudge in the right direction without coming over all 'the end is nigh!' on them. Yes, I am sure we all know someone who yawns subtly, or maybe even openly, when we start banging our climate drum, but with the Starter Kit For Change they can have fun from the outset.

Each pack includes: a Booklet, an Arbor Day plantable Seedling, Gratitude cards, Sudoku Booklet, Journal, Recycled pencil, Compact fluorescent light bulb, Fair trade hot chocolate, Tote bag, and Charity envelope. "The box, pencil, tote bag, and all paper products were made from recycled materials.The journal is handmade using shavings from the lokta bush requiring no trees to be cut down. The tags are made from lokta paper embedded with flower seeds. Plant them in 1/2 inch of dirt, water, and watch them grow. The string, ribbon, and cellophane bag are biodegradable."

The Starter Kit For Change is the brain child of two talented musicians Del Harley and Melanie Monroe. They say, "This kit is intended to educate, motivate, and activate Change. We believe one person really can make a difference but sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. " Not only are they encouraging change themselves but they are contributing to it by donating a portion of proceeds to Action Againt Hunger.

The full Starter Kit with tote bag is $40 and the totes on their own are $20.
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