The Art Gallery of Renewable Energy

"It is the job of the artist to make solar and wind power beautiful, more beautiful than the life promised by fossil fuels." This is one of the roles, that artist 'Lope' has chosen for his brethren to embrace so they can tackle what he see as one of the greatest problems facing humanity over the next century: "the gradual replacement of our fossil fuel based economy with a renewable energy based economy." To spin wheels into motion Lope has created The Art Gallery of Renewable Energy. It's a showcase of the various art and artists he has unearthed, who are already engaged in this pursuit. Push your mouse along the corridors of his virtual gallery and see all manner of pieces, from vast solar flowers in Danish fields, to a silicon forest on the streetscapes of Portland, Oregon, to luminous sculptures powered by sunlight in Arizona. One of the exhibits we have singled out here is the work by Sarah Hall, a Canadian stained glass artist. She uses solar panels, sandwiched between sheets of glass, to light her own works. One appears here. Lope does not 'represent' any of the artists in the web gallery, it is a labour of love - like most art. So get all cultural, go take a peek and then tell all your friends. ::The Art Gallery of Renewable EnergySee our separate post on the wind and solar powered laser buddhas that Lope has a gallery entry for.