The Aqua Project, Nov 1-4 at The Joyce SoHo, NYC


Haven't you always wanted to express your unyielding sorrow over the treatment of our coasts and oceans through interpretative dance? Well break out your tights, twinkle toes, for The Aqua Project, organized by Patagonia, the Coastal Marine Resource Center (CMRC), Waves of Change, Joyce SoHo, and Kristin McArdle Dance.

The Aqua Project submerges its narrative in the hypnotic movements of ocean tides, cresting surf, and rainbowed sea life. Dances on the program include Aqua, which explores the transformation from light to darkness in a journey from the shallows to the deep; Barco Negro, a moving meditation about navigating in a featureless open sea; and the world premiere of Ghostfishing, considers the perils of consumption as predator becomes prey and back again.

::Kristin McArdle Dance

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