The American School In Japan Installs Solar, Reduces Energy Consumed

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Students and teachers at the American School in Japan teamed up with sponsors to achieve a rather impressive energy reduction target: the school in Tokyo aims to save 40% on their energy bills. ASIJ's solar panels were installed on the roof of the high school gym and pool in March. The unveiling of the panels marked the successful culmination of ASIJ's fundraising campaign to promote environmental initiatives on campus. Well done!The school wants to reduce energy consumption by 40%. So far, in February, 2009, they had cut the total energy consumption by 19.8% with a 12.1% decrease in electricity usage. The solar panels should enable the school to make further energy savings going forward:

The solar panel system will play a vital role in helping ASIJ attain its goal of reducing the school's carbon footprint and energy usage. Live data on the performance of the system and energy consumption will be displayed on screens in the high school so students are able view to the real time effects of switching on the a/c and how much power is generated on a sunny day.

A key component of their fundraising efforts has been the building of a 80kwh solar power system. Learning how to use energy directly ties to the school's mission of developing globally responsible individuals. The solar panels will contribute approximately 5% of their annual energy usage.

ASIJ has joined the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14000 certification. In this program, kids record their trash, carbon and water emissions. They bring the data to school and compare it with what the other students recorded and discuss ways in which they can reduce their Carbon Footprint. This program has been noted by the Japanese government and is being introduced to public schools around the country.

"People become green through awareness; awareness of the individual and collective impact of their actions on the ability of the earth to sustain more than 6.6 billion people. It may be expensive to go green, but for our children it may be more expensive not to go green."

- John Buckler, HS Environmental Science, ASIJ

Friends of the American School in Japan is a US-based foundation to support ASIJ which is eligible for tax deductibility on Unites States tax return. Visit their Facebook page!

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