The Alternative Energy Comedy Show

Comedy Show Tackles Clean Energy
From the Earth to America environmental comedy show, through National Energy Wasting Day to our coverage of The Onion's "Obligatory Green Issue", we TreeHuggers are not averse to the occasional joke in our quest for a greener world. But I for one must say that the idea of an entire comedy show based on renewable energy is a little surprising. What's even more surprising is that it's actually pretty good. Take host Chuck Roy's take on New Belgium Brewery's wind-powered beer:"If war comes to Denver, we lose power, we've still got beer. That's not a comeback, that's a battle plan. If war comes to Colorado I'm getting drunk. And I'm going to the mountains to look for Patrick Swayze."

Produced for , the show features guest comedians taking on the topic of alternative energy in an effort to raise awareness, and a few laughs. The pot jokes get a little old, but otherwise it's good stuff.

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