The Age of Persuasion Skewers Green Marketing (Audio)

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Canadian ad man Terry O'Reilly, author of The Age of Persuasion, has a very funny and informative radio show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation covering the business of advertising. The latest episode looks at green marketing.

He'll look back at how the green movement started, how it's evolved, how marketers navigate the shoals of green marketing today - and what it all means to everyday consumers. One thing for sure... it's not easy being green.

Looking back at the debacle that was BP and Beyond Petroleum, O'Reilly notes:

One of the most important aspects of Green Marketing, for advertisers, is to remain humble in their communications. Taking a moral high ground is dangerous, and leaves an advertiser open to intense scrutiny. Many believe British Petroleum made that mistake in their "Beyond Petroleum" tagline and advertising - suggesting they were better than other fuel companies.

Other than having to listen to 20 different covers of

Listen to it at The Age of Persuasion

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