The 8 Most Important Actions To Go Green - Mathematically!

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David MacKay's online book "Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air" (free PDF download here) is probably the most comprehensive work out there on the five W's and one H of saving our collective fannies. David cleverly and painstakingly reduces everything to Kilowatt-Hours to quantify the gamut of environmental actions.

There's some pretty incredible statistics here - like one flight a year uses almost as much energy as a year of driving - and near the end David gives real, real, real advice about what you can/should/must do. I especially like (5) - been saying that since wayback. You may find that the tips are not exactly popular, but will saves tons of cash e.g at Boston rates, doing all eight for a year works out to about $21 a day, $7665 a year. We're talking serious money here. :: Sans Hot Air

Simple actionPossible saving
1. Put on a wooly jumper and turn down your heating’s thermostat (to 15 or 17 ◦C, say). Put individual thermostats on all radiators. Make sure the heating’s off when no-one’s at home. Do the same at work.20 kWh/d
2. Read all your meters (gas, electricity, water) every week, and identify easy changes to reduce consumption (e.g., switching things off). Compare competitively with a friend. Read the meters at your place of work too, creating a perpetual live energy audit. 4 kWh/d
3. Stop flying. 35 kWh/d
4. Drive less, drive slower, drive more gently, use an electric car, join a car club, cycle, walk, use trains and buses. 20 kWh/d
5. Keep using old gadgets (e.g. computers); don’t replace them early. 4 kWh/d
6. Change lights to fluorescent or LED. 4 kWh/d
7. Don’t buy clutter. Avoid packaging. 20 kWh/d
8. Eat vegetarian, six days out of seven 10 kWh/d

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