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Want to put green issues at the top of every one's mind? Think you can do it in less than 60 seconds? A film competition that works to inspire the world to action might be your perfect outlet.

60 One Minutes is an open, creative call to action for people around the world to create one minute videos that highlight a cause, initiate action and inspire others to do the same. Videos submitted will be eligible for broadcast on Current TV, and/or screened at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

Sound enticing? Take your desire to make the world a more eco-friendly place and put it into film. With the theme of "Take Back Your Power," your task is to submit your one minute video addressing the negative impacts of conventional electricity on climate change, and alternatives.

Here are some examples given by the contest creators to get your juices flowing:

Human Power -- for transportation, energy, entertainment, fun
Kid Power -- What are your kids saying about green? How are they changing your habits?
Alternative Power -- Do you or someone you know use wind, sun, water, other to power their lives? Show us!
Creative Power -- Can art inspire us to change? Making this film could be YOUR contribution!

You have very little time to get your work in - due date is March 21st!

Videos submitted to SOM will be eligible for broadcast on Current from March 28th, Earth Hour Day, through to April 22, Earth Day 2009 and presentation by the Tribeca Film Festival.

So get filming and let us know if you submit a video!

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