The 260-Mile Organic Endurathon


We just found out that Steve Shriver, avid athlete and founder of one of our favorite organic lip balm companies, Eco Lips, is running an Organic Endurathon. What does that mean? It means that Steve is running across the state of Iowa in ten marathons, in ten days, all while being fueled by 100% organic food and beverages and wearing nothing but 100% sustainable performancewear! The 260-mile run wraps up in an Earth Day celebration in Iowa City on April 22nd but along the way, Steve and his team are making stops at schools, organic farms and stores to educate people about organics and the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle in Iowa. The Organic Endurathon is as much a call to action for agriculture producers as it is about promoting the benefits of choosing organic products. Currently,100,000 acres of Iowa farmland are being farmed organically, which is only one percent of Iowa's total farmland. From Steve's blog:
"The act of running 260 miles requires the wise investment of resources to sustain the effort and ensure success. The same requirements are needed to build a truly sustainable organic economy, farming operation or business."
Go Steve! Check out his day-to-day status at Nomadik. Via ::One Shade Greener ::Organic Endurathon