The 2007 Globie Awards: May I Have the Envelope Please...


The votes for over 20,000 people have been tallied, and the winners of Environmental Defense's first annual Global Warming Globie Awards (we first mentioned them here) have been announced. Without further ado, the awards (and congratulations) go to: Seattle mayor Greg Nickels, who narrowly beat California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (by a margin of about 30 votes out of 20,000 cast) in the "Best Performance by a State or Local Official" category; United States Climate Action Partnership in the "Best Performance in the Corporate World" category; and An Inconvenient Truth in a landslide in the "Best Film, Documentary, or Website Focusing on Global Warming" category (make room on your mantle, Al Gore!). Exxon-Mobile was the second biggest vote-getter of this year's awards, taking the win, so to speak, in the "Worst Performance by a Corporation or Corporate Official" category, with Senator James Inhofe (R. - Okla.) receiving the most votes in the "Most Egregious Contribution to Public Ignorance and Denial" category. In a newly created "Honorable Mention" category, based on the numerous emails received by ED from voters and supporters, the work of California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and former state Assemblywoman Fran Pavley was honored for jointly authoring and helping to pass AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act. Congratulations to all the winners, for helping further vault global warming into the global spotlight and increasing public awareness on the topic. ::2007 Global Warming Globie Awards via ::Gristmill

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