The 20 Most Important Tools Ever


This is an odd post, based on an odd article from an odd source- Forbes, a dead tree business mag now being run by the third generation of nutbars (current owner Steve likes running for president; dad Malcom liked balloons, motorcycles and collecting things). They are famous for their lists of the richest here and there and have created a fascinating new list of the Most Important Tools Ever. "From dawn to dusk, humans rely on tools to get us through the day. And from the beginning of civilization, we've used them to build and shape our world. In order to celebrate these devices, and so we might reflect upon the ways that we are the tools we use, decided to compile a list of the 20 most important tools of all time. These are the tools that have most impacted human civilization and helped move the course of history." Unusual source for an interesting story. Follow the link and click on the tools. ::Forbes via ::Lifehacker