Thanks, But No Thanks for That Gift

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The big day is over and you've got a pile of wonderful and not-so-wonderful gifts. For the ones that you don't want there are lots of options. Re-cycle them to someone who might want them, donate them to a charity, swap them with some one else or give them away.

But for all of them, no matter what you think, don't forget to thank the person who gave it to you. They have taken the time to buy, wrap and deliver the present, even if it isn't your cup of tea. Debrett's, which calls itself "the modern authority on all matters of etiquette, taste and achievement", has a list of how to handle a horrible gift or what to do for the thank you. Get very polite after the fold.

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How to Receive a Gift Properly

1) Remember that it is the thought that counts when you receive a present that you don't like

2) Always accept presents with good grace

3) Do not lose the address tags, they will help to remind you of who sent what

4) Make sure that thank you letters are sent promptly

5) Do not let it be known that you don't like the present you've been given

5) Do not ask for the receipt unless it's for a wrongly-sized item of clothing

6) Do not try to sell an unwanted present for cash

7) It is acceptable to change a present rather than let it go to waste

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