TH Week: Our Kind of Green House


No, it's not full of hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers, although a few might not be out of line. This week, a number of stories that scratched our itch for springtime real estate tours found their way onto our pages. If you're in the market for a house, or you're just looking to green-home your own abode, check these past posts out:

:: Lloyd continued his "what makes a building green" series with a great piece of Kieran Timberlake Architects.
:: Mairi recommended that you sheathe your roof in the newest solar panel technology.
:: Leonora reminded us that, if you're lucky enough to have an architect working on your dream home, be sure to get one who shares your commitment to ecology.
:: Collin did a nice wrap up of all the different options for your new green garage -- or closet, judging from the size of some of these scooters.

:: Warren showed that, in a pinch, all you need for a (temporary, sadly) green home is a heap of snow and a shovel.