TH Week :: Now It's Your Turn


After all the recent voting here in The States, you might feel like you've done your part.

Au Contraire! With the holiday season approaching, and the winter (global warming enhanced) storm season approaching, your choices and projects are more crucial than ever. here are a few choice opportunities from this last week to get you thinking green:

Collin showed us Litegreen, another ethical shopping guide to get you through the holidays.

Brittany reminded us of Slate's Green Challenge to reduce the carbon emissions of your diet.

John warned us to be aware of drastic changes in whale migration and population as indicators of problems in the ocean and abroad.

Lloyd found a great cheat sheet on the NY Times for having a 100 mile diet Thanksgiving.

Collin also pointed the way to Energy Star's interactive home winterization site, with tips on everything from windows to water heaters.