TH Week: Foodie Fantasy


This week, maybe it was the long dark shadow of winter lifting a little, or maybe it's the winter curse of local eating here in the northern hemisphere (root vegetables and hydroponic tomatoes just aren't enough sometimes), but there was food in the air. Check out these posts about what you can look forward to this summer in the say of food and cooking.

Kara tipped off our sweet teeth with Domino's new organic sugar.

Justin tippled a little with Juniper Green's offering of the world's only organic gin.

Jacob made us all want to eat organic veggies with this compelling study of pesticide-laced...pee.

Warren found an incredible way to cook all this up with this massive solar-steam powered Indian kitchen.

Kelly sauteed her way over to this Nigella Lawson recipe for sweet potato-chickpea curry.

So get yourselves cookin, and above all, keep on Huggin'.