TH Forums Highlights: What is an Environmentalist, Affordable Electric Cars and More

TreeHugger Forums continue to crank out ideas, feedback and even a few substantive arguments at their torrid pace. Lots of users are taking the time to vent about the least green (most brown?) thing they do, but there's lots of good new stuff as well. Register here to add your thoughts to the growing community; here are some of the highlights from recent threads.


1) User Jackalope wonders what other folks like to do to help the planet, and says "why doesn't everyone post the single greenest thing you do and why you do it (even if it is carbon related). Maybe we can get some interesting ideas from each other, and avoid a fact feud argument". Lots of good stuff, from bicycling to natural foods in here.


2) In the same vein, JiltedCitizen wants to know: "I've seen so many people around these forums claim so and so is not an environmentalist because they do such and such. It's really disheartening. Do all environmentalists have to be of the same mind and think in black and white? What is an environmentalist? Do you have to be vegan? Vegetarian? Photosynthetic? Do you have to ride a bike to work? Not work? Can you even be alive?"


3) wormwoodnhaze
says "I am renovating an old 1000s.f. factory in Philadelphia. Geothermal was my first choice but it is no longer an option for many reasons. I will design the space to maximize passive solar but will definitely need a supplemental system for cold winters and our hot summers. What is the best, greenest solution available? More good discussion after the jump...


4) drivin98 wants to plug in: "I would love to buy an electric car or convert my truck. I could never afford a Tesla but I might be able to finance a Phoenix in a couple years when they are cheaper and more available to the public. I've searched all the internet tubes for a more immediate solution but can't seem to find the 'perfect' fix. Any suggestions?"

5) Lastly, GaryNolan is a big fan of "The Energy Machine" built by Joseph Newman that he claims is an energy source that is abundant, inexpensive,
and environmentally-friendly, a stable and durable alternative to oil, gas, coal, and nuclear and a civilization with an access to virtually unlimited energy". Is it too good to be true?

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