TH Forums Highlights: Water Heaters, Using Compost + More

Nothing cures a case of the Mondays like a quick trip through TreeHugger Forums...


1) "Is it a good idea to put my water heater outside?" wonders Forums user Maurices5000, who wants to move it from the kitchen to...somewhere that makes more sense, space- and efficiency-wise. Outside is at the top of the list, but that might not be so good for the long-term health of the appliance, say some fellow Forums users. If space is a big problem, we're thinking it might be time to go tankless...


2) User Wai is new to composting and is wondering how to best use the nutrient-rich soil additive. Will it grow plants straight-up, or should it be mixed with potting soil or regular dirt? Some questions and thoughts that come up: does the vessel -- pots vs. garden plot and indoor vs. outdoor -- make a difference, and what plants would be best to grow? Master composters, let's hear from you!


3) Lastly, Forums user krazycp comments on the sad state of plastic bag usage in this world: "It just amazes me how wasteful some people are. In my opinion, plastic milk jugs don't need bagged and everything she had would have fit in a brown paper sack or maybe one plastic bag." Thankfully, reusable canvas sacks are becoming more and more available (and more in vogue); how prominently displayed are they at your grocery store?

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