TH Forums Highlights: Water Conservation, Eating Out + More

Want to talk green? Vent your spleen at TreeHugger Forums; here are some recent highlights...


1) With widespread droughts and water conservation high on the list of hot topics these days, Forums user Wayneburg wants to know how to save the water that goes down the drain while waiting for the water to get hot. "In the past I've put a pot or bucket under the tap until the water has gotten to the right temperature. I plan to build my own home and I would like to know if there are products or ways of setting up the plumbing in my new home that will prevent this loss of water?" Shorter distance from heater to tap and insulated pipes have been suggested; anyone else?


2) User Wayneburg is back, hoping to save lots more water with an anaerobic digestion system instead of toilets. "Anaerobic who-what? It's a waste disposal system that is similar to a composting toilet, but it traps all the gases that are created when the sun heats up the holding tank and bacteria breaks down the organic waste...that gas can be bottled up and sold as 'BioGas,' an alternative to natural gas or methane." Interesting idea, but talking about it is a lot easier than implementing it, unfortunately, and Wayneburg is having a tough time finding more info or plans to get it done. Can anyone help?


3) Lastly, Forums user Wai wants to talk about the green pros and cons of eating out. "Is there any reason that eating out might be more green than cooking and eating at home? Suppose I can walk to a local restaurant, can I assume that the way a restaurant cooks is almost more efficent and thus more green? Or are restaurants almost always more wasteful overall?" Lots of "what ifs" here, and answers that come down on both sides of the debate, so far. Where do you stand?

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