TH Forums Highlights: Vote Your Conscience, LEDs in Your Home + More


1) Forums user openmind has a trifecta of green assertions: "Nuclear power serves our needs better than oil or coal. We could be running 100 mpg hybrid electric cars within 10 years. Hydro carbons (plastic) are long chains that only get shorter. Recycling them is futile. They should be converted to fuel. New landfills could be the first step to converting them to shorter chains to be used as fuels. The only way we can embrace new, greener methods effectively is to be wealthy enough to afford the conversion. Laws that impact the economy only to shave a few percent off our emissions are short sighted." Try out the Forums' polling functionality and vote your conscience.


2) User dink is wondering, "Has anyone switched over to all LED lighting yet in there home taking it to the next step past CFL?" Task lights and desk lamps are definitely coming in to their own and coming into vogue, but it seems like built-in systems and larger bulbs (like recessed can lighting) haven't quite hit the big-time yet; is it availability or price (or both) that's keeping LEDs from becoming the new CFLs? How long will it take? Discuss.


3) Forums user dink is back with a question very apropos to current events in the US this week, surrounding the possibility of an economic recession looming on the horizon: "Just a friendly debate....this is something I recently started pondering.....when upgrading to energy efficent products to your home are you really saving money? Or are you recovering money?" Turns out, going green can be a great way to help you get recession ready.

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